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Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat

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Diving with Dolphin Bay Divers

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Can you believe that the legendary Rainbow Reef is at our doorstep? 10 minutes away!! Well-known sites like The Zoo, Rainbow’s End, the Fish Factory and the most famous of all? The White Wall; it’s like a vertical ski slope, covered in ice-white soft corals. Our certified divemasters or one of our instructors will slowly lead you around fully bloomed soft corals feeding on phytoplankton while being surrounded by a plethora of vibrant colourful reef fish.

Our Fiji waters boast over 1200 species of reef fish, more than 300 species of hard coral and over 10,000 plant & invertebrate species. The 20+ dive sites in the Rainbow Reef lay in the Somosomo Strait, well-known for its strong tidal current and from the abundance of nutrients found in the currents all ocean life feed and thrive.

Wake up and breath the fresh tropical air, head for the dive shop to double check your gear then make your way to a scrumptious breakfast. The boat will get loaded and at 08:30, we’ll leave for a 2 tank dive, keeping in mind that in choosing the day’s best dive sites we consider the tide, the weather conditions and divers’ abilities.

While we wish we could guarantee every dive or snorkel is full of turtles, rays and sharks we will do our best to show off Rainbow Reef’s finest, safely and with pleasure. Our surface intervals are often spent moving slowly between dives sites or we may wish to return to the resort since water and snacks are on-board.

Apex, our fantastic boat Captain, ensures our boats are in the best condition & always fully equipped with the required safety gear to ensure your safety, he knows the waters and the reefs like the back of his hand and will take very good care of you.

Be sure to bring your certification card!

Let’s go diving, it’s a great day to breathe underwater!
Rainbow Reef Dive Site map
1 Storm Warning
2 Small Cabbage Patch
3 Yellow Tunnel
4 Barracuda Point
5 The Ledge
6 Coral Garden
7 Nuku Reef
8 Rainbow Passage
9 Rainbow’s End
10 Jerry’s Jelly
11 Sam’s Point
12 Fish Factory
13 Wise’s Place
14 Jack’s Place
15 Potluck
16 Kona
17 Mini White Wall
18 Annie’s Bommies
19 The Great White Wall
20 Midway
21 The Purple Wall
22 The Zoo


Dive Packages: 2 tanks / day

A la carte Diving

Off the beach or walking distance is free.
Separate dedicated snorkel Boat F$90 pp minimun 2 people.


Equipment Rental

Best Times to Dive and See...

Water temperature during our summer months (December-April) is about 29C (84F), so a 3mm wet suit should be just right.

Visibility is good throughout the year, though in winter (May-November) when the water cools to about 26C (79F) the visibility is better still.

It has been our experience that the best times for seeing the following are:

  • December - May
  • April - May
  • September - November
  • Manta Rays and Turtles
  • Grey Reef Sharks mating
  • Whales

Dives Rates shown are in Fiji dollars and inclusive of all applicable taxes.
Dives include your diveguide, tanks, weights, water/juice and snacks.
Booked dives are not refundable but are transferable.

Learn to Dive at Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat

Learn to dive at Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat
PADI Courses (in English or German)

Dolphin Bay Dive Resort has 3 instructors on site who will help you take your first underwater breaths, build your confidence or develop new skills. Roland, our Swiss instructor has more than 15 years experience and teaches in English and German. All of our Instructors and Divemasters aim to make to give you a fun and relaxed dive experience.

Now, who wants to open a book to study while you are on your beach vacation? Why not learn in your own home and at your own pace. PADI’s E-Learning is designed to do exactly that, anywhere you have internet access. We are big fans of completing your knowledge development portion of the courses you want to take while you are on your retreat with us.

Click on the E-Learning logo and get started! 

PADI E-learning

PADI also offers a TOUCH offline version for the Open Water Course in English.

The price for the E-Learning and TOUCH products all include knowledge developments and reviews, the certification card processing fee, an eRecord and videos, but check out the details for your specific course.

One last note; please ensure the appropriate MEDICAL FORM (click to download) is completed for the course you are taking.

We know the Rainbow Reef is a giant aquarium, so let us prove to you how stunning it is, come explore, we want to show you the big, the tiny and the dazzling!

Course Rates

Course Rates shown are in Fiji dollars and inclusive of all applicable taxes.
Courses include your instruction, equipment, tanks, weights, water/juice and snacks.
Course rates do not include Knowledge Development.

PADI e-learning Re-Activate (Refresher) F$220.00
PADI e-learning Open Water Certification F$1050.00
PADI e-learning Advanced Open Water (5 dives) F$990.00
PADI e-learning Rescue Diver F$950.00
PADI e-learning Underwater Photography F$465.00
PADI e-learning Dive Master (With own equipment)(please inquire about details 4-6 weeks and own equipment required) F$2585.00

PADI e learning less F$100.00 after confirmation affiliate with Dolphin Bay Divers Store 6662. Please use the link on each course for access to PADI materials through Dolphin Bay Divers.

If you choose to take a course while you are staying with us, Wi-Fi is available for you to access the online products though paper manuals are also available if you so choose.

The following courses are not E-learning optional or if you are interested in other courses we are happy to give you any information you may need.

Courses taught in English and German from Discover Scuba to Dive Master. Group Rates on request. Rates are in Fiji Dollars and include 25% government taxes (9% VAT, 6% Environmental tax, 10% STT).

After your dive why not treat yourself to a relaxing massage, facial, pedicure or manicure at our Matasawa Beach Spa!

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